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3M trading Group (3M) consists presently 5 companies, Skymark Trading Plc ,Medhanit Melaku Mehari, Barkan Group Industry plc, and Express Pharma plc have been established in accordance to commercial code of Ethiopia and registered in Ethiopia and another company called Medhanit Melaku Trading has been established and registered in Djibouti

Most of the companies grouped under 3M have been in the commodity trading for over decade and managed by well trained and experienced business professionals. Being having offices both in Ethiopia and Djibouti, the group has a comparative advantage in further strengthening and facilitating import and export businesses.

We are optimists who love to work together!

We strongly believe that our customers are our future because we know that we are in the business due to our customers. Therefore, it is our primary objective working toward achieving complete customer satisfaction by serving customers with integrity, consistency, and excellence.

Our Export Products

We have years of experience in exporting most valued agricultural products like Sesame, coffee, pulses and other oilseeds from Ethiopia. Exporting chilled meat to Dubai and Saudi Arabia is our immediate target.

our Import business

Pharmaceutical items: (medicine, medical equipments, disposables); Agricultural inputs: (chemicals),Construction materials: (reinforcement steel rebars) and Industrial raw materials

Machinery Rental

We are Construction Machinery rental company in the Ethiopia, and if you need a supplier for Machineries like, dozer, excavator, grader, roller, shower truck, dump trucks etc; you can contact us.

Customs Clearing

We have a years of experience and a leading privately owned logistics company in Ethiopia and We comprehensively trained to understand complex customs procedures of each specific area of operation.

Our office addresses

Bole road, Africa Avenue, opposite to Getu Commercial Center, Anis Baher Tower, 12th floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mobile: +251930014462/+251944739595 Email: info@3mtradingeth.com www.3mtradingeth.com and Djibouti branch office Mobile: +25377152917

Customer Base Experience

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Our growth and success are a result of our Vision, Dedication, mutual trust and commitment along with detailed understanding, applying the right solution, providing rapid and comprehensive customer after sales service according to the customer requirements.